When it comes to tying the knot, it has to be admitted that men find it more daunting. They are the ones who are expected to propose and also the ones who are faced with the fear of rejection. However, once the wedding is agreed it is where the fun really begins as you can start in planning the actual day.

Many people now take the option of getting married in the idyllic setting of a beautiful sun soaked beach.

We can all picture the scene, your big day on a tropical island. Far away from your normal hum drum life surrounded by friends and family. A beautiful bride looks fantastic in a classic gown but what does a groom wear as wedding attire?

A groom at a beach wedding can sport the great outfit of a navy blue trousers and wheat-colored guayabera, with its unbuttoned at the neck.It is casual and comfortable for the beach but still looks smart for the special occasion

This classical groom beach wedding attire is based around the special shirt.

The guayabera is a traditional Mexican wedding shirt.It is probably the best choice for the groom if you decide to marry on the beach.

This linen shirt is distinguished by its two or four patch pockets and two vertical rows of small pleats called alforzas.They are sewn closely together and run along the front and back of the shirt.

It is usually found in white and soft colours. You can match it with dark trousers or even khaki shorts, for a more casual look. And for those who prefer darker colors, there are black guayaberas.These are available fashioned with colourful flower embroideries and decorated with French cuffs. It will also be great wedding attire if the groom matches this black linen wedding shirt with stone-colored trousers.

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